Tattoo Removal 

Chris has been no stranger to the process of Tattoo removal, A client himself he knows when to push the limits and when to stop. There is a very fine line when it comes to tattoo removal as too much can result in scarring and too little will yield minimal results...

Current laser is 2015 model YAG-Q switch laser, Capable of hitting all pigments with accurate ratios of MJ per NS (Nerd talk for the width of the beam and length of intensity). 

With hundreds of treatments completed Chris will ensure a safe and enlightening Tattoo removal experience. 

Another benefit to having an artist removing your existing tattoo is the precision accuracy that comes with nearly a decade of tattooing experience this means you could have merely a few lines you wish to remove without removing the whole Tattoo (yes we can be that precise).


Price is often charged by the square inch ranging from $50 to $90 PSI.  

            ODD TATTOO has a NEW client sign up offer:

  • 4 treatments up to 30 minutes (each) for just $400 ($100 per treatment) this covers multiple square inches.
  • 3 Treatments up to 1 hour (each) for just $500 (savings of $100) This will certainly get a lot done!
  • $40 per square inch, Minimum of $100 this is our current per session rate on removal.

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