Taking care of your piercing

Piercings are very simple to take care of but very easily get mistreated as well..

External Piercings: ie: outside of the mouth and body,

  • I highly recommend using a sterile saline solution which we often carry for a small fee of $10.
  • Step one Please wash your hands thoroughly. 
  • Apply solution with a Q-tip until the area around the piercing is visibly cleaned. 
  • Immediately after use an additional clean Q-tip apply clean water then proceed with cleaning off the saline.
  • Why Clean off the solution after applying? The saline is very strong and continues to clean until removed from the skin so the initial soak is all thats needed, leaving the saline can cause redness and yellow goo to build up from its salt water based ingredients.  
  • Repeat this process 2-3 times daily for on average 2-3 weeks sometimes longer! Never touch or rotate with unwashed hands!!

Internal Piercings: ie: inside the mouth,

  • I wouldnt recomend smoking while this type of piercing is healing as it can cause swelling and aggravate the piercing.
  • So it's fairly simple use a non Alcohol based mouthwash and rinse with water 2-5 times daily or whenever you eat something/smoke/drink pop/liquor.