Odd Tattoo supports the working class.

The people that get up every day and make sure that this province runs, that our streets are safe, that our country is free. 

If you're a member of a Union, Association, Trade Group or An individual who has been in active service with the Canadian Armed Forces - then you should Contact Us or Send Us an Email with the subject  - "Group Member Discount" and we will let you know what type of discount on tattoo, piercing or laser tattoo removal your membership entitles you to. 

Due to the assumption that some organizations would prefer to keep their confidentiality, we request that you advise us of the Organization, Union, or Association that you belong to. 

When booking your appointment, please let us know in advance if you are a member of an Organization, Union, or Association, and please bring some form of identification with you to your appointment.  

As well, Odd Tattoo has discounts for bundling hours together - in order to save you money, and ensure that you're able to get the piece that you really want. 

Odd Tattoo's discounted rates begin after 4 continuous hours - After the 4 hour mark the hourly rate DROPS to $100/Hr!* 

This means that a 6 hour sit will now only cost $600.00 - saving you $180.00

We do this because we want our clientele to get what they really want for a piece, as well as to give our artists the opportunity to finish what they've started, and be able to "stay in the flow' of the piece. 

For more details, drop us a line - or just pop by the shop.     



*discounts cannot be combined with other discounts - sorry folks - it's one or the other......