Who the F**K is Odd Tattoo?

Our approach to tattooing is a little different.....

Gone is the intimidating feeling of walking into a tattoo shop that makes you feel like you're not "in the club", or having to sit for 5 hours beside "that guy"....

Our by appointment only one on one sessions in our clean and bright Tattoo Studio with dedicated Edmonton Tattoo Artist Chris. We've built solid relationships that can last a lifetime....and because it's a one on one tattoo experience - you won't have to sit beside "that guy"......EVER.

Whether it's for a small piece, or on-going larger work, we believe that in order to bring your vision to life, it is absolutely critical to learn about you, who you are, and what your vision is for your tattoo

Our tattoo artist use only the highest gradepre-sterilized single use tools, using an above industry Ethylene Oxide sterilization process to ensure your comfort and safety.

We believe that while our work will speak for itself, our method is what you'll be raving about.    

Drop us a line today, and we'll set up a time to get started.