Q “I have discoloration and a shiny film over my healing tattoo?

A: This can be caused from many things: over moisturizing, soaking & picking the tattoo will cause premature removal of the scab resulting in a scar tissue layer (this will take longer to heal but will 100% go away with time and care)

Q: “I have heavy scabbing?

A: while not very common this tends to occur in solid packed tattoo’s such as tribal, and is typically caused from getting the tattoo too wet resulting in the expansion and dryness of the tattoo, this will certainly take much longer to heal but if you avoid getting it wet and stop over moisturizing it will recover fine, this can also happen when a tattoo is picked at and it re-scabs to heal the picked areas.

Q: “There is yellow stuff on my tattoo?

A: This is very rare but when it occurs know it’s your bodies immune system fighting bacteria this is as a result of touching the fresh wound with unwashed hands or rubbing against unsanitary surfaces, it can also be a side effect of the moisturizer you choose typically more so in scented lotions so avoid using them!

Q: “What does ODD TATTOO do to help prevent these things from happening?

A: We always always use 1 time use pre sterile equipment opened right in front of the clients all work areas are deeply sanitized and maintained clean above and beyond health board standards. Hands are thoroughly washed and sanitized even between every glove change and before each step of the tattooing process, we can guarantee you will NEVER get an infection at or in our shop but once you leave we can't babysit your tattoos so please take proper steps in ensuring the best measures have been taken in the healing process your NEW TATTOO!

Q: “How do I avoid these things from happening?

A: Always wash your hands thoroughly! Never over apply your moisturizer even if the tattoo seems dry, Avoid getting the tattoo wet and direct sunlight, Never let others FEEL or touch your new tattoo and Always be aware of the surfaces you're rubbing up against. This is essentially a colorful battle wound and can easily become infected just like any other cut or scrape so treat it like a newborn baby =]