Odd Tattoo takes health and safety seriously.

In any tattoo and piercing studio, the primary concern is typically health and safety - specifically, what sterilization techniques are used by the shop. 2017/2018 Health Board; OFFICIAL REPORT.

At Odd Tattoo, our primary focus is offering a safe, clean and sterile environment in order to protect both our patrons, as well as our artists. "Click Here for info on After care"

In fact, our work surface sterilization process follows the same stringent procedures (before, during and after a procedure) that you would find in a medical practice. 

We ensure that there are multiple steps taken within this stringent process in order to ensure there are multiple protective barriers for the purpose of infection prevention.

We use a medical grade disinfectant for all of our equipment and stations, as well as ensuring clip cord covers, machine covers, multiple paper and plastic barriers (such as lap cloths) around work areas, and even bottle covers are in place prior to starting your procedure.    

In addition to following strict guidelines for the sanitizing of workspaces, Odd Tattoo uses only disposable tubes and needles.

We order directly from the same manufacturer/distributor as top tattoo shops and artists do, ensuring that you can count on the fact that the products used by the staff at Odd Tattoo for your tattoo and/or piercing are of the highest quality and on par with others who choose to exceed the standard for sterilization techniques.       

Products are individually packaged in sterile containers directly at the factory using an industry leading ethylene oxide gas process.

This process is not only efficient and vastly superior to autoclaving, it exceeds numerous North American health code standards and ensures that there is no opportunity to cross contaminate due to external factors such as untrained personnel responsible for the operation of an autoclave, improper storage of freshly sterilized equipment, or other extraneous factors.

For more information on the Ethylene Oxide sterilization process - click here, or, if you're really interested in what the process is for Ethylene Oxide sterilization - you can watch a pretty nerdy video here.

We also ensure that we open the individually wrapped tools out of their package in front of you before beginning our session, so that there is no concern of where the tool has been prior to performing its function. 

We take the time to ensure that your safety and ours is considered before, during and after your procedure.

If you'd like to learn more about the sterilization procedures used at Odd Tattoo Studio, we'd be more than happy to chat with you!

Please feel free to contact us directly,