"Tattooing is beautiful and artistic when done right."

ODD TATTOO is a private studio where we tattoo strictly by appointment for the convenience of the customer. There is just no time for walk-ins as we already tattoo 7 days a week with an average of 1 to 3 clients daily. By booking in this manner we keep wait times short-ish with weekdays often the most available at short notice.

Cost of your next tattoo or current cover up?

Odd Tattoo charges by the hour so an exact price is not possible based solely on a description or even consultation, we will how ever offer an opinion on a conservative estimate for the piece you'll be asking about. "Click here" for an inquiry. 

Current shop rate:

$180/hr and a shop minimum of $100 [Under 20 minutes]

Odd tattoo Winter rate effective september 1 - April 31 ONLY

$180/hr or > $150/hr for sittings greater than 4 hours [Winter special ONLY]